2015 - The Forum: A Great success

On behalf of our team, partners and sponsors I wish to thank the over 129 chefs who came to the 5th Italian Cuisine in the World Forum in Bergamo, Milan Expo and Florence. . Their contribution has been outstanding. I will keep you posted on the outcome...Read more

2015 - The most important moment

The assembly of the 5th Italian Cuisine in the World Forum(a fortshortening in the picture) votes to start the procedures for the possible registration of the Forum as Unesco World Heritage... Read more

2015 - Occupy McDonald's : A Due Explanation

Many asked us why there was a flash mob at the McDonald’s outlet in Milan Expo 2015, during the recently concluded 5th Italian Cuisine in the World. Firstly, as all the flash mobs, also this one was a spontaneous one... Read more

2015 - Forum's official Brindisi with Ferrari and Grana Padano

The 5th Italian Cuisine in the World Forumstarted with a Brindisi at Ferrari space in Expo 2015. Camilla Lunelli, co-owner of the famous winery in Trento.... Read more

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