The Protagonists

    In the peculiar, unique context of Florence’s Mercato Centrale the 5th Italian Cuisine in the World has held its main conference. The speakers (see the list in the attached program and check the pictures of this album) have approached the topics of authenticity and quality of Italian Cuisine outside of Italy with competence and passion. The gathering has been also the opportunity to present the project “Florence – Tuscany Capital of the Italian Cuisine in the world”, with the presence of both Mr. Marco Remaschi, Tuscany’s Regional Minister for Agriculture, and Mr Giovanni Bettarini, Secretary of the Productive activities for the City of Florence, representing also Mr. Dario Nardella, the Mayor. Among the speakers, Annie Feolde, executive chef of Enoteca Pinchiorri, the only 3 Michelin stars restaurant in Tuscany, Mario Caramella, Chef Patron of inItaly restaurant (Singapore), President of GVCI Forum on line, Stefano Fontinelli for the Biennale Gastronomica Fiorentina, Pietro Laureano, UNESCO consultant, Marco Bolasco, director Giunti Editore, oeno-gastronomy division, Donato De Santis, TV celebrity chef in South America, Kate McGhie, Australian food writer (Herald Sun), Nicola Cesare Baldrighi, Grana Padano Cheese Consortium President, Claudio Melis, former Culinary Director of Jumeirah Group (Dubai), Paolo Monti, Executive Chef Gaia Group Hong Kong, Ali Esad Goskel, food writer (Istanbul Turkey) and Roberto Mannucci Droandi, producer of biologic wine and extra virgin olive oil, on behalf of all the producers who hosted the delegates of the Forum in Tuscany. The debate was moderated by Luigi Cremona, prestigious Italian food writer and Rosario Scarpato, Director of the Forum and founder of itchefs-GVCI. The Forum Conference was opened with a tribute to the Gastronomy traditions of Florence and especially to Master Pastry Chef Andreina Mancini of Pasticceria Sieni. At the end of the conference, the Assembly, upon the recommendation of Pietro Laureano, gave the mandate to its Director to begin the begin the procedures to register the Forum of Italian Cuisine in the World as a Unesco World Heritage with its headquarter in Florence – Tuscany. The Assembly thanked Chef Aira Piva, Forum Culinary Director, for making the event a success together with the dedicated staff and contributors of Exquisite Communications, which managed the event: Elisabetta Ciavarella, Project Coordinator, Patrizia Castellani, Judit Kiss, Chef Marcello Mereu. The Forum was the right opportunity to present Awards to talented professionals who distinguished themselves for the promotion of Italian Cuisine abroad (see the Post Forum Awards)/td>