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Grana Padano
  • A GVCI appeal for the Italian earthquake

    The earthquake that has devastated the string of mountainous towns over a swathe of central Italy early on Wednesday 24 August has left death, huge damage and destruction. The town of Amatrice, home of one of the most popular dishes of the Italian gastronomy (spaghetti all’amatriciana) has been flattened. ... Read more


    IRC has recently coordinated and facilitated a successful business educational trip for companies in Singapore’s F&B industry organised by Brein in conjunction with the Restaurant Association of Singapore. Singapore is facing a labour shortage situation which is affecting the growth potential of businesses... Read more

  • A great woman who changed the history of world culinary education

    The industry of quality Italian Cuisine around the world has lost a great friend, Dorothy Cann Hamilton, the founder and Director of the International Culinary Centre of New York.She died in a car accident last week.Dorothy was of great support to the cause of promoting quality and authentic Italian Cuisine in the world.. Read more

The 5th Italian Cuisine in the world forum: A great success

On behalf of our team, partners and sponsors I wish to thank the over 129 chefs who came to the 5th Italian Cuisine in the World Forum in Bergamo, Milan Expo and Florence. Their contribution has been outstanding. I will keep you posted on the outcome. Read more

The celebration of IDIC 2016 around the world

It was a very successful celebration: more than 800 restaurants in 70 countries have joined the International Day of Italian Cuisines on January 17, 2016. All of them have included the authentic Costoletta alla Milanese in their menu for the day. Read more

An unprecedented food tour of Italy

An unprecedented enogastronomic tour of Italy departed on the 29th of June 2015 from the Milan Expo and not only it touched base at the most prestigious sanctuaries of the eat and drink well but also explored some of the hidden gourmet gems of Italy..Read more