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The French, not the Italians, are the world’s best pizza makers.” Bruno Soleri, the executive chef at Florentia Ristorante in Toronto, Canada, couldn’t believe what he was hearing. That was last April 2 and it was accompanied by a video titled “France declared best pizza maker.”

It had just been put on line by Reuters, the prestigious English news agency. He sent the link to www.itchefs-gvci.com with this comment: “I am no kind of ultranationalist who is convinced that whatever we Italians do is the best in the world, but this piece of news really annoyed me”.  Bruno has worked in acclaimed restaurants such as Gualtiero Marchesi and Claudio Sadler in Italy, Chez Panisse in California and Canoe in Toronto. According the Reuters video, the organizers of Paris Pizza and Pasta Expo, celebrated last March 30 and 31, had crowned a French pizzaiolo, as the best in the world, after a competition among 200 pizza makers coming from all over the world. “Sometimes our French cousins, who certainly have some of the greatest culinary traditions in the world, go a bit over the top with their pride”, adds Soleri, who makes pizza as well (“it’s a joy”), having learnt the art from a Neapolitan pizzaiolo, and still believes that the Italians have some kind of world leadership in authentic pizza making.

Bruno Soleri

“In pizza competitions, juries cannot always be trusted”, says Pasqualino Barbasso, Sicilian chef and GVCI associate, known around the world as the “acrobatic” pizzaiolo. So, what really happened in Paris? Was the competition fixed? No, nothing like that. The news that the French make the best pizza in the world is simply not true. Reuters invented it. The competition at Paris Pizza and Pasta Expo was just among French pizza makers, called France Pizza Tour. Perhaps it looked too boring to Jon Dereck, the Reuters journalists who covered the event and manipulated reality. Furthermore: there was no competition between French and Italians whatsoever, the Expo is marketed as the Salon de la Restauration Italienne (Italian Restaurants Fair), it’s a celebration of Italian Cuisine in France. So the French are not the best pizza makers in the world but they are generally very serious and competent about their pizza: they consume huge quantities of it (only in the U.S. is its consumption higher), they call the pizza maker a ‘pizzaiolo’, exactly as in Italy, and favour pizza made with Italian techniques and ingredients.




Four Seasons Hotel Doha is celebrating its fifth anniversary by introducing "Food & Art Week at Il Teatro", an exhibition that displays the art collection of famous Italian Artist Fabrizio Trabucco who interpreted in the culinary creations of two Italian Star Chefs: Michelin Star Chef Matteo Vigotti and Il Teatro Italian Chef Mauro Bellodi, a GVCI associate.

Doha is Capital of Arab Culture 2010 and Four Seasons Hotel Doha makes its contribution to this event hosting
Fabrizio Trabucco's exhibition
that displays the cultural exchange between Italy and Qatar, between modern, contemporary art and haute cuisine.




Gattopardo, the last joint venture of the Garibaldi Group of Restaurants, and the Sicilian Chef Lino Sauro, has opened in Singapore. It´s an Italian pizza bar that features food from southern Italy and has a range of style and taste from zesty to delicate.
The new eatery, that belongs to the Group founded by the Chef Roberto Galetti, serves elegant dishes such as roasted fish with a sprinkle of wild mint and grilled fresh prawns in lemon leaves presented in a charming terracotta pot – reflective of how Italians from the South appreciate the purity and texture of their food.
Nestled within the lush foliage of the Fort Canning Park, Gattopardo is a must-dine for all lovers of fine Italian cuisine. Gattopardo, tiger-cat in English, is the title of one of the most important Italian novels of the 20th century, authored by the Sicilian writer Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa and published in 1958.




The sixth edition of Vitigno Italia, a fair dedicated to wines made with autochthonous grape varieties, will be held in Naples from 16 to 18 May.  As wine writer Tom Hyland pointed out: “while you won’t find any examples of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot or Chardonnay here, you will be able to taste some glorious wines made from Greco, Fiano, Aglianico, Nero d’Avola and hundreds of other local varieties”. Starting last year, Vitigno Italia is held in the historic Castel dell’Ovo, on the shores of the Gulf of Napoli, to stress the historic importance of indigenous grape varieties. Though the fair is mainly dedicated to wineries of Campania Region and other Southern areas, there are many exhibitors from other important oenological regions of Italy, including Tuscany, Piemonte and Veneto. Within Vitigno Italia, Luigi Cremona, a renowned Italian food and wine writer will host, one more time, the successful culinary festival Cooking X wine. To read more about 2009 edition of Vitigno Italia got to Tom Hyland blog.




The Italian Cuisine World Summit organized by itchefs-gvci.com will be held in Hong Kong from November 2nd thru 7th. It has been announced by Rosario Scarpato, Summit Director, and chef Paolo Monti, Culinary Supervisor of the Summit, after a meeting held in Hong Kong with the chefs of the 15 Italian Restaurants involved in the event. Mario Caramella, President of GVCI (Virtual Group of Italian Chefs), has announced that, in the occasion of the World Summit a General Meeting of all GVCI members, will be held on November 3rd, to celebrate the 10 years of the foundation of GVCI Forum, that today has almost 1200 participants, working in 70 countries.

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