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Grana Padano




Ricotta di bufala campania’, (‘Buffalo Ricotta from Campania’) has been listed with the European Designation Commission DOP in the official register of protected designation of origin. Italy can boast of as many as 210 DOP and IGP products. The peculiarities of ‘Ricotta di bufala Campania’ are strictly determined by the qualities of the prime materials which, only if and when produced within the defined area, will certainly be of superior characteristics to those obtained in other areas: buttermilk, fresh buttermilk cream and milk from buffalos. The production area of ‘Ricotta di bufala Campania’ DOP consists of most of the administrative area of the Regions of Campania, Lazio, Puglia and Molise. More precisely it is composed of the basin around the Rivers Garigliano and Volturno and between the River Sele Plane and the zone of Cilento, in the coastal area as also along the valleys in Campania; centred between the River Amaseno Valley and the nearby Pontina Plana in Lazio; the plane and the hilly face of the Province of Foggia at the foot of the promonory of the Gargano in Puglia and only the township of Venafro is interesting in Molise; it yields little and it is under the management of the Region of Molise.


A Sicilian Food Temple of the past among Sellerio´s Great Pictures


Munich:: The famous L’Ingrasciata, a legendary Trattoria in Palermo of the 1950’s, is among the 25 stunning pictures of the Sicilian capital taken by photographer Enzo Sellerio that are being exhibited from June 10 in the Biedermann Gallery in Munich (Germany). Enzo Sellerio was among the most famous neo-realist photographers of his time, and food and the life at the table, were often the subjects of his pictures as in the case of L’Ingrasciata (The fattened) which used to be temple of the typical and traditional food in Palermo.The tile of the exhibition is “Enzo Sellerio – Fotografie 1950 -1960”.


“Pasquale” Makishima triumphs at the International Championship of Pizzaiolo

The Japanese Akinari "Pasquale" Makishima was elected the miglior pizzaiolo (best pizza maker) of the 9th International Championship of Pizzaiuolo Naples-Caputo Trophy. Akinari, who has added ‘Pasquale’ to his name in honour of his maestro pizzaiolo, Pasquale Parziale of the Pizzeria Parziale on Corso Umberto, Naples, subjected himself to a competition lasting two days between 150 pizzaioli gathered together for the occasion of the ‘Vulcano Buono’ (‘Good Volcano’) of Nola near Naples. Second place went to the Neapolitan Vincenzo Caciali and third was won by Vincenzo Sandrico.

At the 8th International Championship, in 2009, Akinari already won third place and was nominated the Ambasciatore dei Pizzaioli Napoletani (Ambassador of Neapolitan Pizzaioli) to Japan. This year among those receiving the ‘title’ Ambasciatore della pizza napoletana nel mondo (Worldwide Ambassador of the Neapolitan Pizza) is Fabian Martin, an eccentric Spanish pizzaiolo from Livia, Gerona who, for the occasion of the Championship invented micro pizze-gelato, with mozzarella, parmigiano and gelato di pomodoro (yes, tomato ice-cream!).

For the organizers, presided by Sergio Miccù, who is responsible for the Associazione Pizzaioli Napoletani(Association of Neapolitan Pizzaioli), this Pizza Festival was “a true success in the number and quality of the participants.” From the Japanese delegation 20 pizzaioliarrived in Naples, along with seven French, five Spanish and ten American pizzaioli, among who was the many-time champion, Tony Gemignani.

“Ours is the only Italian championship that awards the pizzaiolo and not just the pizza – declared Carmine Caputo – because the difference is to be found in the skills of the person working beside the oven.” The webpage OAS_RICH('Middle'); Pizza Napoletana Stg is dedicated to and states all the positive traits and the stories that make this tradition, this craft, our pizzaioli’s hands that guarantee gastronomic excellence to the world.

S.T.G. (Traditional Specialty Guaranteed)

1st Akinari "Pasquale" Makishima (Japan)
2nd Cacialli Vincenzo
3rd Sandrico Vincenzo


1st Albachiara Attilio ex aequo Fabian Martin (Spain)
2nd Izzo Stefania
3rd D'Erasmo Marcello

Pizza for celiacs

1st Schettino Cecilia
2nd Montoli Egidio
3rd Schettino Annapia Cravero


1st Salvo Umberto

1st Acrobatic- free style singular Marisa Camonita (34 vaults)
1st Pizza speed Sergio Donaro (40.03 seconds)
1st Longest pizza Michele Maresca

Pizza by length

1st Giorgio Riggio
2nd Fiorello Angelo
3rd La Marca Alberto

Ambasciatori della Pizza Napoletana nel Mondo

Tony Gimignani (U.S.A.)
Fabian Martin (Spain)
Akinari "Pasquale" Makishima (Japan)

Senator of Pizza Napoletana

Pasquale Parziale

Prizes in memory of the maestri pizzaioli Ernesto Cacialli, Esterina Sorbillo, Ciccillo Raggio


The Restaurants with the Best View of the Italian Summer

Massimo Bernardi, the smart Italian oenogastronomic reporter, author and curator of the Dissapore website, celebrated the beginning of the summer in Italy by naming the eight restaurants with the best view in Italy – according to him –. The good thing about this is that in these restaurants with great views – in difference to many others –, you also eat very well.

1. Relais Blu

Via Roncato, 60, Massa Lubrense, Province of Naples, Tel 081 8789552

This hotel, of minimal decoration, Mediterranean pines, Christoph Bob’s, the chef that is, Mediterranean cuisine and the splendid view out over Naples (1), Nisida (2), Procida (3) Ischia (4), Capri (5), and, on clear days, Ventotene (6), together offer the most moving ‘restaurant with a view’ in Italy. Average price €80/90.

2. Il Pellicano

Village of Sbarcatello, Porto Ercole, Province of Grosseto, Tel. 0564 858111

A building nestled in the slopes of Mount Aegentario, seemingly more by divine will than by the hand of man; absolutely unique in Italy. Average price €90/100.


3. Imago dell'hotel Hassler

Piazza Trinità dei Monti, 6, Rome, Tel. 06 69934726

Rome as you’ve never seen it, not even from the terrace of the pergola of the hotel Cavalieri. Average price €90/100.



4. Grotta Palazzese

Via Narciso, 59, Polignano a Mare, Province of Bari, Tel. 080 4240677

The hotel is in the centre of the village, and nevertheless, the sea is seen everywhere, below you, beside you, everywhere! The sea has carved out the enchanting natural grotto in which you dine. Average price €90.


5. Rossellinis of the Hotel Palazzo Sasso

Via San Giovanni del Toro 28, Ravello, Province of Salerno, Amalfi Coast, Tel. 089 818181

There is no corner of the Palazzo Sasso, one of the most elegant hotels of the Amalfi Coast, in which the sea doesn´t give views of dazzling beauty. The two Michelin stars presented to Rossellinis, the hotel restaurant, are a slight touch of generosity, but it’s difficult for the cuisine of the chef, Pino Lavarra, to be disappointing. However, the price is a shame. Average price €120.

6. Piccolo Lago

Via Filippo Turati, 87, village of Mergozzo, Verbania, Stresa, Province of Verbano-Cusio-Ossola, Tel. 0323 586792

Beautifully isolated, on the edge opposite the delightful village of Mergozzo, the new veranda of the Piccolo Lago guarantees the longest of sunsets disturbed only by the crawl of the little ducks that await the wave. How relaxing! A two-Michelin-star-awarded cuisine completes the picture. Average price €80.

7. Il Faro di Capo Orso

Via D. Taiani, 48, Maiori, Province of Salerno, Tel. 089 877022

Here, facing Capri, with the isle of ‘Li Galli’ in front of you, is some of the region’s finest cuisine, that of Pierfranco Ferrara. It’s a unique attempt to pair off haute cuisine and inexpensive local fish, and what a success! Average price €110/120.

8. Toulà

Village of Ronco, 123, Cortina, Province of Belluno, Tel 043 63339

A room at the Toulà of Cortina is the possibility of living a myth. It also helps to look at the blue horizon interrupted by the Dolomite Alps while eating genuine dishes. Average price €90.


[Images: Flickr/Thilos, Flickr/WallyWorld2006, Flickr/Paris Helena, Flickr/Dainee, Viaggiatore Gourmet]


Great Italian Dishes


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