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Grana Padano


The IDIC, the International Day of Italian Cuisines, celebrate its 10th edition. An exceptional achievemnt, impossible to imagine in that far autumn of 2007 when the network www.itchefs-gvci.com was compact behind the preparation of the first edition on Januray 17, 2008. TEN SEASONS OF ITALIAN CULINARY PRIDE Someone called the IDIC, the day of the Italian culinary pride because the idea of the IDIC is that, at least once a year, Italian restaurants all around the world cook one of the most famous (and counterfeited) Italian dishes according its authentic recipe (or the allowed variations) and with quality ingredients. Spaghetti alla Carbonara, one of the most counterfeited Italian dishes all around the world, were chosen to be the first IDIC official dish. Hundreds of chefs, and not only those belonging to GVCI, in more than 70 countries, put them in their menu on the IDIC. The “ola” was even in the New York Times. In the following years the dishes were the risotto alla Milanese, the tagliatelle al ragu Bolognese (BBC flu to Bologna to record the event while the main celebrations was hosted in Stuttgart and New York), the Pesto Genovese, the ossobuco in gremolata Milanese, the Tiramisu’, the tomato sauce and basil spaghetti, the parmigiana di melanzane up to the Milanese costoletta, last edition. Reports on these editions to which thousands of chefs took part are available on www.itchefs-gvci.com in the IDIC section. PIZZA MARGHERITA AND SIGNATURE PIZZA This year the IDIC tradition will be slightly changed. The official dish of the IDIC will be the ITALIAN PIZZA, with the choice of two possible versions: the Margherita (according the STG recipe) and the Signature Pizza, as long as the dough is made according to the Italian way while the topping is left to the creativity of the chef. The use of PDO Italian ingredients is encouraged. WHY PIZZA? “Because pizza is the Trojan horse that opens all the doors to the Italian chefs, to the restaurants and to the culinary Italy, in the world”, said in Dubai Mario Caramella, president of the Forum GVCI, during the Italian Cuisine World Summit, introducing the 10th edition of IDIC – International Day of Italian Pizza to the participants of the First Congress on the Future of Pizza – The Pizza of the Future. He added: “In the world the first item of the italian culinary culture to arrive everywhere is Pizza. And it’s also the most counterfeited dish”. THE TRUE PIZZA IS ITALIAN The choice of Pizza as official dish of the 1oth IDIC is a way of reaffirming the Italian leadership in the preparation of a dish born Italian, which must be kept at the quality level of the best industry benchmark in Italy. The inclusion of Signature Pizza as a possible alternative to propose on the 17th of January intends reaffirm the legacy of Italy also on the new culinary investigations in the field of contemporary pizza. JOIN IDIC 2017 – ITALIAN PIZZA DAY Pizza outside of Italy, especially in Asia and Middle East, is part of the menu of the Italian Restaurant, not just of Pizzeria. The pizza of the future will be increasingly realm of the chef as well while many pizza chefs belonging to the new generation study, work and create exactly like chefs. To join IDIC send an email to info@italiancuisine.world o reply to this message. As every year chef and restaurants joining IDIC will be sent a personalised poster to be shown in their outlets. Chefs and restaurateur who have participated into all 10 editions of IDIC will receive a special poster, acknowledging their special commitment to this unique celebration of quality Italian Cuisine.