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Grana Padano

A GVCI appeal for the Italian earthquake

The earthquake that has devastated the string of mountainous towns over a swathe of central Italy early on Wednesday 24 August has left death, huge damage and destruction. The town of Amatrice, home of one of the most popular dishes of the Italian gastronomy (spaghetti all’amatriciana) has been flattened. "Three quarters of the town is not there anymore," Amatrice Mayor Sergio Pirozzi told to the state Italian TV broadcast. Mario Caramella, Chef Director of inItaly Restaurant in Singapore, and President of the online Forum  GVCI,  which gave birth to itchefs-GVCI, the network of more than 2200 chefs, restaurateurs and culinary professional, working in 70 countries, has initiated a way of raising funds to help the citizens of Amatrice and the other areas hit by the earthquake. He launched an appeal to the chefs of the network and to all Italian chefs working abroad: “For one month we will include “SPAGHETTI ALL`AMATRICIANA” in our menus. At the end of the month we will donate part of the revenues generated for the relief of the areas hit by the earthquake”, chef Caramella said.  He adds: “The money will be put into a common account and used to buy useful items to the people of Amatrice. Please help us to raise funds and enjoy the famous amatriciana sauce -crispy pancetta, tomatoes and chilli, with home homemade Spaghetti alla Chitarra or Bucatini (dry pasta)”. Chefs who whant to be part of the initiative can This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .