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Grana Padano


Poor Pesto got another beating in the Press. This time in the May issue of What’s On UAE on page 69. In it, readers got a glimpse of what Chef John Gomes calls “Italian Pesto.”

Let us just state here for the record that itchefs-GVCI, a group of over 2000 Italian chefs working outside of Italy, does NOT endorse making Pesto with either butter or a hand blender.

Dubai is quickly becoming a vibrant capital of Italian cuisine outside Italy. With over 200 fine Italian restaurants there and an ever-growing interest in promoting authentic and original Italian food, we are optimistic that the Italian Cuisine World Summit being held there in November will offer ample opportunities to spread the good word of traditional Italian recipes!

In case you need a refresher course on Pesto, take a look at this video, and remember Grandma (NOT the diavolina!) when it’s time to make that Pesto the RIGHT way!