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Grana Padano

Electrolux Professional launches the new robust modular cooking range thermaline: built for the toughest kitchens

Following the launch of the thermaline range in 2013, Electrolux Professional has announced the arrival of the thermaline Modular 80 & 90, premium modular cooking structures that can seamlessly connect the multiple applications of a high productivity kitchen.


Packed with innovation, thermaline Modular 80 & 90 allow operators to reduce energy consumption in kitchens and obtain the very best results and highest levels of efficiency. Cooking features such as the Electrolux Professional Ecotop allows users to save up to 35% of energy consumption, whilst the patented flower flame burners concentrate the heat on the bottom of the pan, reducing energy wastage and enabling savings of up to 65%.


The thermaline Modular 80 & 90 also present the aquacooker for multi-purpose cooking (sous-vide, bain marie, pasta cooker), as well as high power chargrill tops, a free-cooking top for direct cooking or with pans, fry tops with non-stick surfaces, refrigerated bases so chefs have everything at hand, a full surface induction top that allows up to 16 pots to be in use at once and the opportunity to save energy and quickly recover maximum power with automatic stop&start devices, including standby mode on electric appliances and Ecoflam on gas burners.


The thermaline Modular 80 & 90 also enable chefs to get the very best results when cooking, with the most accurate temperature settings - up to 1° C accuracy - thanks to the electronic control and thermocouple for electric appliances.


Marco Parisi, Senior Product Manager and Head of the Therma Competence Center at Electrolux Professional, commented:

The thermaline Modular 80 & 90 are fantastic applications for any high productivity kitchen. They are incredibly durable configurations and fit in seamlessly with the thermaline ProThermetic boiling and braising pans.

Being able to customise all of the parts to match the personality of the chef is a huge benefit, especially since each individual cooking element is highly innovative and offers ease of use. Chefs can pick and choose the cooking functions from the thermaline Modular 80 & 90 that will allow them to cook exactly how they’d like to and help them develop a menu that reflects the style of cooking they want to bring to their customers.

It’s a seamless design and the thermaline is a real mark of quality to – it has been since 1871.”

The thermaline Modular 80 & 90 are one of the most flexible modular systems on the market. Chefs can choose from three possible configurations (against the wall, back to back and island); different control panel options (one side and two side operation); two body heights at 700mm and 800mm; two body depths of 800mm and 900mm and 16 cooking functions.

A unique internal 304 AISI stainless steel and 2 mm thick structure with the innovative Thermodul connecting system also guarantees a seamless alignment between all modular functions. The internal frame guarantees the greatest stability and longer life, as well as structural reliability in any installation options (supported on legs, cantilever, stainless steel or concrete plinths).

The Swiss excellence of the thermaline range offers attention to details, impeccable finishings and extraordinary reliability. The new premium cooking range, thermaline was even included in the international and prestigious ADI DESIGN INDEX 2013 for its stunning design. This recognition is the key to winning the famous Compasso D’Oro.

Parisi added: “The thermaline Modular 80 & 90 are modular cooking systems that any chef would be proud to have in their kitchen for years to come.”

thermaline Modular 80 & 90 will be launched in February 2014.