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Gianni Favro, GVCI Chef of the year 2010


Gianni Favro

Gianni Favro, chef and owner of “Gianni´s” restaurant in Bangkok is the GVCI chef of the year. Mario Caramella, GVCI President, have announced it, saying that the award (a symbolic silver pan offered by Piazza) goes to a chef who came successfully out a very difficult professional situation. In the past year the award went to Vincenzo Perez (at that time in Lebanon), Alex Colombis (Cambodia), Emanuele Lattanzi (caught in a terroristic attack to the hotel in which he was working in Mumbai) and Gianfelice Guerini (Ferrari F1 team chef). Gianni, who tells of his experience in a letter, found himself and his businesses in the middle of the revolt that took place in the Thai capital in the last months of April and May. “The area where Gianni’s restaurant is was invaded by the insurgents, the restaurant had to close and they burned some of the outlets of another food business he owns”, said Mario Caramella. Gianni, a dynamic and prepared chef entrepreneur, great connoisseur of Italian wines, resisted and finally overtook the difficulties. He still lives and works inThailand, the land in which he has been in the last 20 years. The award is dedicated to the memory of the late Antonio Amato, a chef associated to GVCI, killed by terrorists in Saudi Arabia in 2003.