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Grana Padano

Donato De Santis´ new book: Italian cooks go to Paradise


Cucina Paradiso

Cucina Paradiso is the title of the book recently published by Donato de Santis (Cucina Paradiso, 280 pages, Editorial Planeta, in Spanish), the Buenos Aires based Italian chef who is a TV celebrity in Latin America. Donato is a Senior Member of the network itchefs-GVCI and has worked in many prestigious restaurants in Italy and abroad (mainly in the USA). In 1984, when he was only 20, he was the better paid Italian chef abroad (at Valentino’s restaurant, In Santa Monica). He was also the personal chef of the late Gianni Versace.

In this book, this Milan born chef (from parents who migrated there from the Puglia region), shows what´s the real essence of an Italian chef, what makes him different from other chefs: the Italian chef is different because he carries a heritage that goes well beyond a simple ability at the stoves. Cucina Paradiso (which is not just a collection of recipes, but it’s full of stories, pictures, anecdotes and tips) proves that being a true Italian chefs is a choice of life, a dimension of the spirit rather than just a profession.

Donato’s philosophy is very much based on the basic tenets of all the associates to the itchefs-GVCI network: “From a gastronomic point of view, Italy is a federal country”, as Donato himself writes in the book in which he reasserts his indissoluble bond with pasta and quality olive oil. He also adds: “Italy is a generous country, a violent and romantic bombardment, a passionate relationship, which describes a bit what are we Italians made of”. And moreover what are many Italian chefs, as Donato, are made of. With a perfect timing Donato opened also a new deli and culinary workshop in an elegant area of the Argentine capital. The name? Cucina Paradiso, of course.