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Grana Padano



The British TV channel Good Food (BBC and Virgin Media) will launch in January 2010 the series “Rhodes Across Italy”, hosted by celebrity chef Gary Rhodes. For the occasion Rhodes puts aside his passion for English cuisine and undertakes a culinary dream journey through Italy. He´s on a mission to learn the secrets of Italian cooking from the very best.  Gary and his Sous chefs Clare and Marc, handpicked to take part in the series due to their love of food and Italy, will travel the length and breadth of Italy – from Rome to Sicily from Tuscany to Venice, discovering the delicacies of ten regions. Using the stories of the Italian contributors as a guide to find authentic dishes, Gary will learn to cook their recipes using the abundance of fresh vegetables, olive oil, seafood and of course pasta at each stunning location and will discover the traditional roots of the classic Italian dishes we all know and love. Gary Rhodes says: ‘Italy showed off to me its wonderful natural beauty, abundance of gourmet delights and proved to be one of the most memorable and fascinating culinary experiences that I can remember. I think I’ve fallen in love!’