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About us

This site is the voice of a network of chefs, restaurateurs and culinary professionals working in the Italian cuisine industry outside Italy. They belong to the moderated internet Forum (in Italian) of GVCI, Virtual Group of Italian Chefs, which has over 2200 associates working in 70 countries in the world. Today this site has become a fundamental point of reference as well as for restaurant managers, sommeliers, food & beverage managers, other hospitality managers, food and wine manufacturers, importers, distributors, retailers and media people, and all those who have an involvement with Italian food and wine all around the world. In the last few years thousands of Italian food lovers have visited daily our pages, to follow the activities of chefs and restaurants and our events.

The GVCI Forum was founded in 2000 by Mario Caramella and Rosario Scarpato and is one of the most long-lived associations born out of Internet. In the forum its members share ideas, knowledge and camaraderie on line. GVCI membership is free but subject to approval and/or peer presentations. The group’s history is based mainly on over 40.000 posts into the Forum.

At the end of the ‘80s Mario Caramella was among the first chefs to introduce fine Italian cuisine to Hong Kong, he then worked in Australia and as Executive Chef of luxury hotels in Asia. He is currently the Chef Patron at inITALY, a fine dining Italian Restaurant in Singapore. Rosario Scarpato is a TV producer and journalist, GVCI honorary presidentmanaging editor of the site and director of events.

Since 2006 www.itchefs-gvci.com and its webzine itChefs&Co has been committed to:

  • preserve and improve the standard of quality and authenticity of Italian gastronomy in the world;
  • improve the profitability and economic performances of the professionals involved in it;
  • create tangible and intangible social, economic, cultural and professional added value to each individual itchefs-GVCI member and
  • disseminate essential, up-to-date and correct information among the worldwide consumers of Italian cuisine, and to protect their rights to receive fair, value-for-money products and services.

Last but not least, the site has gradually transformed the itchefs-GVCI network into an online community of respected industry opinion leaders.

Itchefs-GVCI.com has promoted and organized important events and initiatives including:

It has also collaborated with various prominent institutions and enterprises to the realization of initiatives such as:

Itchefs-GVCI web site and its periodic webzine ItChefs&Co is offered to:

  • Industry professionals working outside Italy (chefs, restaurateurs, restaurant managers, sommeliers, food & beverage managers, other hospitality managers, importers, distributors, retailers, media people, culinary students, etc.) and their English-speaking final customers.
  • Industry professionals working in Italy (food and wine producers, Italian exporters, regulators, promotional organizations of food, wine and tourism, media people, and selected tourist operators, chefs and restaurateurs).
  • Gourmets, lovers of Italian Cuisine, non-professional cooks, cooking schools and their students.

Managing Editor: ROSARIO SCARPATO.