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Joe Bastianich, co-owner of Eataly New York at the opening of the Nutella Bar.

I was in Naples with chef Aira Piva recently, on our way to Vico Equense where the next Italian Cuisine in the World Forum, will be hosted during the annual Festa organised by Gennaro Esposito. Almost by chance we ended up in the Mattozzi Pizzeria (via Filangieri). Mattozzi is a historic name of Pizza in Naples, so we decided to enter. The pizza and the sfizi were edible. At the end Chef Aira (he was born in Milan) asked the waiter for a memorable Neapolitan Espresso. Surprised and almost upset the waiter said: “We don’t serve coffee here” and mumbled a number of unconvincing excuses. I couldn’t believe to my ears. We then asked for a dessert and another waiter suggested their “Special” Torta di Nutella. I exploded: “What’s going on here, I asked”. Are you going to totally sacrifice our identity? If in an outpost of Neapolitan cuisine there is no Espresso and the dessert of the house is Nutella, we really have some problems here”. The head waiter listened to my grumble and with a patronising tone replied: “Times in Italy are changing”, almost to say “Where are you coming from you troglodytes?” I felt ashamed, not for me, but thinking of the hundred thousands of people all around the world that are embracing the culture of espresso, believing that it has its roots in Naples. I smelled the decadence. Presenting Nutella as a kind of typical, gastronomic ingredient is a bit too much for me. Nothing against Nutella itself but little of Italy remains inside that product today. I know that respectful food writers as Gigi Padovani present Nutella as a made in Italy product but that’s true only in Italy. Nutella in the world is a much globalized product, made in 11 different countries, with ingredients (as palm oil) that have nothing to do with Italy and its culinary traditions. On top of that, up to now the worldwide marketing of Nutella has avoided to push any link with Italy. I was twice upset; for what had happened at Mattozzi, and two because just yesterday I read that starting May 12 New York City´s Eataly will be replacing its wine store with a Nutella Bar (there is already one at Chicago’s Eataly). Definitely “times are changing” but as Cicero wrote “O tempora o mores “- Oh what times! Oh what customs!



Andrea Tranchero, new Executive Chef for Barilla Australia and New Zeland

Starting this end of May, itchefs GVCI associate, Andrea Tranchero, will be the Executive Chef (Italian Ambassador) for Academia Barilla in Australia and New Zeland. His new responsibilities that mean representing, not only Barilla but Italian Cuisine at large, will be educational, will involve the creation of new recipes and much more. Quoting Chef Tranchero "After 30 years of hard work both in Italy and abroad I´m once again ready to tackle a new, positive "Made in Italy" adventure."


Pasta World Championship: The Finals

The date of the Finals of the Pasta World Championship have been announced. It will take place June 12 & 13. Organized by Academia Barilla with the collaboration of Itchefs-GVCI, twenty four international talented chefs coming from 20 countries, the finalists form last year included and the winners of the qualifyers that took place in Buenos Aires, Dubai and São Paulo will attend and try to win the final Award. 




Vico Equense, Tuscania 8-12 June, 2014

Over 50 cooks, restaurateurs and journalists from around the world will gather in Vico Equense for the IV Forum of Italian Cuisine in the World promoted by itchefs- GVCI, an international network of more than 2,200 members working in 70 countries. The Forum will begin on June 8, 2014 during Festa a Vico organized by Chef Gennaro Esposito. With more than 100,000 restaurants worldwide, the Italian restaurant industry is thriving and providing constant fuel to the Made in Italy engine. Further, Italian restaurants abroad promote tourism in Italy and Italian culture and offer appealing opportunities for skilled employment to thousands of young Italians. The Forum continues at Boscolo Etoile in Tuscania (June 11-12 ), one of Italy’s premier culinary institutions. Forum events will have their official launch in Naples at the Circolo Conottieri on June 8 , during Emergente Sud with Luigi Cremona e Lorenza Vitali.

In the plenary session of the Forum at Vico Equense (June 10) and on Orientation Day in Tuscania (June 11 ) Discussion topics will include how to maintain standards of quality and authenticity of Italian cuisine abroad, defining a model for creating a winning Italian restaurant outside of Italy, and how to protect from rampant, and sometimes unfair competition. At Vico these issues will be discussed with dozens of chefs working in Italy (Each year, the event in Vico attracts more than two hundred professionals from every region). In Tuscania chefs from abroad will speak to an audience of young professionals training at Boscolo Etoile about the opportunities and challenges of working in restaurants abroad.

From left to right: Mario Caramella, Aira Piva, Marco Sacco.

In Tuscania, June 11-12 The International Risotto Academy, an institution that aims to promote and preserve Risotto as an authentic expression of Italian gastronomic culture, makes its debut. Fifteen chefs from different countries around the world will compete in the Risotto World Contest, including the winners of international qualifiers. The contest will be judged by gastronomic experts (Alberto Lupini, Director, Italia a Tavola) and Michelin-starred chefs (Tano Simonato , Tano passami l’olio, Milan).

A delegation of chefs participating in the IV Forum of Italian cuisine in the World will participate in the Final of the Pasta World Championship in Parma at Academia Barilla, on June 12-13, with 25 finalists working in as many kitchens around the world.

The growth of Italian restaurants abroad has traditionally been the result of private initiative. At one time it was Italian emigrants, while today it is foreign investors riding the wave of the popularity of Italian cuisine, especially in Asia. These same investors are looking to hire Italian born and trained professionals, chefs and managers for their luxury hotels, etc. With this in mind, it is no surprise that IV Forum of Italian cuisine has no public support and is entirely funded by the collaboration between companies and a network of industry professionals.

For more information:
ROSARIO SCARPATO, Director of the Forum , This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ,  3394075086.



CHEFS IN THE CITY: 2nd edition of the Charity Event in Shanghai

From left to right, the Chefs in the City: Riccardo Messina of Acqua e Farina Shanghai, Marco Barbieri of Da Marco, David Bassan of Maison Pourcel Shanghai, Corrado Michelazzo of 10 Corso Como Shanghai, Marco Busatti of Isola Shanghai and Giuseppe Tino of Gaia 2 Shanghai.

On the 24th of April chef Corrado Michelazzo hosted in 10 Corso Como the first stop of the itinerant charity event 2014 edition.

Chefs in the City is a Shanghai based nonprofit organization comprised of some of the city’s premier Italian chefs, aims to create the very best of the “Italian culinary experience” but with globally sourced ingredients of the highest quality.

The location for this year Chefs in The city will be: 10 Corso Como, Acqua E Farina, Maison Pourcel, Isola, Da Marco and Gaia 2.

In December CITC will throw a party in which the net amount of money of the second edition of CITC will be officially donate to Cancer Recovery Center.

The Chefs of the Event were: Riccardo Messina of Acqua e Farina Shanghai; Marco Barbieri of Da Marco; Corrado Michelazzo of 10 Corso Como Shanghai; Giuseppe Tino of Gaia 2 Shanghai; Marco Busatti of Isola Shanghai; David Bassan of Maison Pourcel Shanghai.

GaiaGroup Executive Chef Paolo Monti, was present to support the event. 


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