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The Next Front in the Food Movement According to Marcella Hazan

One of the most well known Italian cookbook authors Marcella Hazan recently celebrated her 90 birthdays. Born in Cesenatico, Marcella is the author of one of the most successful books on Italian Cuisine of all times: Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking. Marcella is famed for her aversion to microwave and convenience foods. So she was particularly delighted by receiving as a gift Cooked, the last book by Michael Pollan. “Welcome aboard, Michael – wrote Marcella on her blog – I have been driving that wagon for forty years”. She commented in this way the pledge of Cooked, that “we should use more salt in the kitchen, not less, that microwave and convenience foods don’t actually save time and that the next front in the food movement should be your kitchen”.


Matteo Scibilia, First Italian Chef Awarded for Cultural Cause

Matteo Scibilia, chef owner of the restaurant Osteria della Buona Condotta, in Ornago (Milano) was rewarded with the Italian Silver Medal for Cultural Merits. It’s the first time that a Chef receives this award traditionally reserved to artists, scientists, writers and filmmakers. Matteo, who has been Master Guest chef in many itchefs-GVCI events, has been rewarded for his commitment to the defence of the values and techniques of Italian Cuisine. It’s not the first time that Matteo is at the forefront of the cultural battle for keeping the identity of Italian Cuisine. In the past he has been advisor of the Italian Minister of Culture (again, it was a first time ever that a chef was called to that role).


New Professional Challenge for Franco Luise in Jerusalem

Franco Luise is the new Executive chef of the Waldorf Astoria Hotel of Jerusalem. Franco, a long time itchefs-GVCI associate, is also a very prolific book author who has produced interesting works for both the professional and food lover readership. Recently he has been Chef Consultant for Electrolux and previously Executive Chef of the luxury Molino Stucky Hotel in Venice. Franco has a long experience as a Chef abroad and among the other nations, he worked extensively in Portugal.


Lunch with Naomi Campbell, a Day in the Life of Mario Caramella

“I wake up in the morning, spend 1 hour at the massage and ten minutes in my private pool. Then I have a traditional Italian breakfast in the garden followed by a meeting with my directors and then it's on to a game of golf with my investors.

Afterwards, it's on to a late business lunch at inItaly Bar Ristorante with Naomi Campbell, and a late afternoon drive with my wife in my vintage Lamborghini Diablo to Marina bay Sands for shopping.

In the evening, I fly to Hong Kong on my private jets with my friends and have dinner at Grissini at the Grand Hyatt. Then, I have late night chats with my guests at inItaly Bar Ristorante, 30 Craig Road, Singapore.”

This, and much more you will find in an interview Mario Caramella did for Urban Journey, a worth reading piece on food, wine, living in Singapore and his take on classic and contemporary Italian Cuisine.


Andrea Sacchi wins an Award of Excellence

Andrea Sacchi, The Fullerton Hotel, won the BERNARDAUD Executive Chef of the Year at the 2013 Awards of Excellence. This award seeks to recognise an Executive Chef who is directly involved and responsible for at least two food & beverage outlets and banquet facilities in a hotel environment in Singapore. He was chosen for his consistently set standards of excellence in the culinary arts as well as providing excellent dining experiences.

Andrea Sacchi here with GVCI President Mario Caramella during the Award Ceremony
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