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041 - The Book by Chef Fabio Baldassarre

With the valuable and most welcome Forewords by Fausto Arrighi, Allan Bay, Davide Di Corato, Luigi Cremona, and Enzo Vizzari, this book explores unconventional paths to the table.

The recipes are not divided into "appetizers, dishes, sweets", they are following categories and areas of inspiration. The right idea to approach different foods and ingredients can come from a journey, a memory, from the vision of a painting by a particular cooking technique, the desire to dip the bread in a rich gravy...

Further info and buy the book.


An educational plan on Italian Cuisine in Russia

Rosario Scarpato with Chef Antonio Mercier
of Tartufo Bianco Restaurant

Rosario Scarpato, GVCI honorary president has recently visited Russia in order to iniciate a plan of collaboration with Golden Fork Awards among other institutions. The idea is to launch a plan of spreading and education on Italian Cuisine in Regional Russia that will unite Itchefs-GVCI and the Italian Cuisine and Wine Academy that in Russia is directed by Ched Pietro Rongoni.


SQUISITO!: The First Gastronomic Congress on Italian Food in Latin America

Master Chef Gincarlo Perbellini, Master Butcher Simone Fracassi and Acrobatic Pizzaiolo Pasqualino Barbasso have been confirmed as guests for Squisito! that will take place in Buenos Aires, Santiago de Chile and São Paulo this August. All three masters of their own fields will offer demonstrations and classes.

The aim of Squisito! is to provide only authentic Italian cuisine and quality products together with fashion, design and the typical Italian gioia de vivere. The event is promoted by the network itchefs-GVCI and in particular by some of our most distinguished representatives: celebrity TV chef Donato de Santis, in Buenos Aires, Fricco’s chef owner Sauro Scarabotta in Sao Paulo (Brazil) and Roberto Illari, executive chef of Golf 50 in Santiago de Chile.


The Importance of the Manager in the Italian Restaurant Abroad

One of the conferences at the Italian Cuisine in the World Forum was the official presentation of AIRM (Alliance of Italian Restaurant Managers) through a very rich and interesting meeting of Restaurant Managers, Owners and Patrons who threw some light on the subject. The speakers were LUCIO ARTICO, Restaurant Manager Bvlgari Tokyo, Japan, STEFANO BASSANESE, Restaurant Manager, Domani Hong Kong, MICHELE CAMOLEI, Assistant Director F&B Holiday Inn Golden Mile, Hong Kong, ROBERTA MO, Restaurant Manager, Sabatini Shanghai, China, PIETRO RONGONI, Chef Patron Aromi Moscow, Russia and ANDREA TUMBARELLO, Owner of da Andrea, Madrid, Spain.


New York Chefs to Celebrate Mondo Lambrusco 2013

From left to right: Andrew Welch, Vincenzo Pezzilli, Ivan Beacco and Diego Bigucci

Mondo Lambrusco 2013, the third edition of an initiative to promote these wonderful, quality sparkling wines had as guests four remarkable New York City Italian Cuisine Chefs. They hosted the initiative at their respective restaurants and were part of the tasting that took place recently at the International Culinary Center. They were: Ivan Beacco (Acqua), Diego Bigucci (Macelleria), Vincenzo Pezzilli (Gastronomia Culinaria) and Andrew Welch (Tarallucci e Vino).

See the photo gallery for more on this event.

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