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Donato De Santis’ Villa della Pasta, a program aired by El Gourmet Channel in South America, was awarded the Martin Fierro prize as the Best Cooking Show of the Season (2008). This is the highest recognition of Argentinean television and is the second time Donato has been honored with this award (the first one was for his program Donato Cucina in 2002). Villa Della Pasta, is a program where De Santis reveals his audience the secrets in the making of the best handmade Italian pasta.




The Delegation of the Accademia Italiana della Cucina of San Luca - Bologna has decided to bring together in one document the many recipes that are the symbol of  the traditional Bolognese cuisine all around the world, including the famous Tagliatelle al ragù. Pier Luigi Nanni (www.tigulliovino.it) writes that the document is deposited in the Palazzo della Mercanzia, the headquarter of Chamber of Commerce, to endure the memory of the gastronomic culture of Bologna. The list of the Accademia recipes is limited to a symbolic number: twenty-four of the most famous and popular, that have been encoded and registered by the Chamber of Commerce. Here is the list (and date of file of each recipe):

- Pane di San Petronio- San Petronio´s bread -  13 October, 2005.
- Spuma di Mortadella mousse - 14 October, 2004.
- Chicken or capon galantine - 14 October, 2004.
- Imperial Soup - May 17, 2006.
- Minestra nel sacchetto- Soup in the bag - 17 May 2006.
- Tortellini in brodo - Tortellini in broth- 7 December 1974.
- Risotto with frogs of the Bassa  - 11 October 2007.
- Tagliatelle Bolognese - April 16, 1972.
- Classic Ragu alla Bolognese - October 17, 1982.
- Lasagne verdi alla Bolognese - May 28, 2003.
- Tortelloni della Vigilia - 17 May 2006.
- Chestnut Tagliatelle - 12 October 2006.
- Friggione (onion based sauce) - 19 November 2003.
- Fried Stecchi alla Petroniana - May 17, 2006.
- Trifolato Vitello alla Bolognese - October 13, 2005.
- Cotoletta alla Bolognese - 14 October 2004.
- Cotechino Fasciato (bandaged) - 11 October 2007.
- Gran Bollito alla Bolognese (boiled meat) - October 14, 2004.
- Great boiled alla Bolognese - May 17, 2006.
- Certosino di Bologna - 21 November 2001.
- Torta di riso (Rice cake) or degli addobbi - 14 December 2005.
- Pinza Montanara - May 17, 2006.
- Torta di Tagliatelle (tagliatelle cake) or Torta ricciolina - October 13, 2005.
- Zuccherini (little sugars) Bolognesi - 11 October 2007.




The British TV channel Good Food (BBC and Virgin Media) will launch in January 2010 the series “Rhodes Across Italy”, hosted by celebrity chef Gary Rhodes. For the occasion Rhodes puts aside his passion for English cuisine and undertakes a culinary dream journey through Italy. He´s on a mission to learn the secrets of Italian cooking from the very best.  Gary and his Sous chefs Clare and Marc, handpicked to take part in the series due to their love of food and Italy, will travel the length and breadth of Italy – from Rome to Sicily from Tuscany to Venice, discovering the delicacies of ten regions. Using the stories of the Italian contributors as a guide to find authentic dishes, Gary will learn to cook their recipes using the abundance of fresh vegetables, olive oil, seafood and of course pasta at each stunning location and will discover the traditional roots of the classic Italian dishes we all know and love. Gary Rhodes says: ‘Italy showed off to me its wonderful natural beauty, abundance of gourmet delights and proved to be one of the most memorable and fascinating culinary experiences that I can remember. I think I’ve fallen in love!’




The restaurant Da Vittorio di Brusaporto (Bergamo) has been awarded the 3 stars in the 2010 edition of the Michelin guide. The restaurant is owned and managed by the Cerea family, which follows the footsteps of the charismatic Vittorio, “the most representative restaurateur that Bergamo has ever had,” who opened this place in 1966. Da Vittorio joins the other 5 three-stared restaurants in Italy: Dal Pescatore (Canneto sull'Oglio - Mn),  Enoteca Pinchiorri  (Florence), La Pergola (Rome), Le Calandre (Rubano - Pd) and Sorriso in Soriso (No). For Enrico “Chicco” Cerea (in the picture), the chef of Da Vittorio, the third Michelin star is the reward for his talent and commitment to the high Italian cuisine, which he modernizes but keeps strongly linked to the tradition, the terroir and the pristine quality of the ingredients.




“Voglio vivere così”, I want to live this way, is the title of the campaign promoted by the Region of Tuscany and presented in Miami during the exhibition "Wine & Fashion Florence 2009".  Tuscan chefs Marco Stabile (Ora d’aria, Firenze),  Fabrizio Innocenti (Grand Hotel Excelsior Firenze) e Stefano Frassineti of Toscani da Sempre (Pontassieve) have delighted the guests with their dishes, particularly the members of the exclusive "Cellar Club" of the Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gable, where the Executive Chef is GVCI associate Gaetano Ascione. More than 30 Tuscan companies, representing sectors such as fashion, agriculture, quality craftsmanship and tourism, took part in the event and were given the opportunity to consolidate their presence in an important and strategic market like the U.S.


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