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Grana Padano


Lattanzi 2008 GVCI's chef of the year


Emanuele Lattanzi, Chef at Vetro, the Italian restaurant on the premises of The Oberoi Hotel in Mumbai is GVCI's Chef of the year 2009. Mario Caramella, GVCI's President, and the GVCI's Board have awarded Lattanzi for his bravery during last month's terrorist attack on the Hotel. During those tragic moments Emanuele did not hesitate to enter the hotel in which his six month old daughter, Clarice, and his wife, Lea, were barricaded in their room, hostages of the terrorists. He took milk with him to feed Clarice. The GVCI's Chef of the year is symbolic award was created to honour annually distinguished chefs belonging to the Group. While it is not a culinary award, it is certainly recognition of the professionalism of the chef nominated but, above all, it is an award for his/her humanity. It is a way to recognise Italian chefs, members of the GVCI, who offer their talents and skills to better the life of others,
It's not by chance that Mario Caramella and the GVCI Board dedicated the prize to the memory of Antonio Amato, a Neapolitan chef belonging to GVCI, who was killed by terrorists in Al Khobar (Saudi Arabia) in 2004. The 2007 Cuoco GVCI dell'Anno (GVCI chef of the year) was Vincenzo Perez, who as Executive Chef of the Hotel Phoenicia Intercontinental in Beirut, decided to work and stay in Lebanon in 2006, despite the civil war. The 2008 Cuoco GVCI dell'Anno was Alessandro Colombis, who up to 2007 was the Italian Chef at Va Bene Restaurant in Shanghai (China). He left his job to go to work as a volunteer in Cambodia at the Hotel Hospitality School Don Bosco in Sihanukville. The GVCI's Chef of the year receives the Padella d'Argento, an exclusive silver pan offered by Piazza.


2007: a year of change, a year of success




The year 2007 has truly been an extraordinary turning point for GVCI and consequently for all of Italian cuisine outside of Italy. For the first time ever, Italian chefs operating abroad have been participating in various major international fairs and events promoting Italian food & wine, together with prestigious Italy-based colleagues. Such events have been held at Cibus Rome, at Milan’s TuttoFood, Naples' Vitigno Italia, La Morra’s Asta del Barolo Wine Auction (Asta del Barolo) and at Alma Viva (Colorno, Parma) conference in October. Here are the reports of these very special events that marked GVCI’s life in 2007. Check below for related articles:


GVCI contributing to Tsunami relief in Sri Lanka


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From: Mario Musoni
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Sent: Wednesday, April 11, 2007 7:25 AM
Subject: [GVCI2001] tsunami

Dear all,
Last night at 2.30 am Rai3 put on air a program on the post-tsunami in Sri Lanka. For almost 20 minutes they talked about reconstruction, showing a school, speaking about GVCI that contributed to the reconstruction of that school and showing a van with the sign: “GVCI being used to take children to the school.” It’s a 16-seat van. It was very touching! Saluti a tutti
Mario Da Montescano


After a donation campaign launched by thePresident Mario Caramella, coordinated by Orietta Colacicco e Mario Musoni (Restaurant Il Pino – Montescano, Pavia), the GVCI donated 15,000 euros to a Tsunami relief initiative in Sri Lanka. The project Elpitiya is a 450.000 euro initiative, to assist 200 children of Ahungalla, who lost one or both parents during the 2004 tsunami. For more information
http://www.volint.it/maremoto/ri_sl_elpitiya.htm# (in Italian)


A mature and credible group

Mario Caramella1

The GVCI (Virtual Group of Italian Chefs) has grown up and it has the right age to go out into the world, with what I mean that we have matured, our discussion are based on real problems of our category.

We will keep talking among ourselves as we have done during the last six years but with the itchefs&Co project a door will open to the world of information and will make sure that our opinions are public. It's a great step and we must thank Rosario Scarpato's commitment.

Itchefs&co will take care of GVCI's image in the world, since it is thought out and written in English. The idea is to make the GVCI the only credible network of Italian chefs working around the world, recognised by all people involved in the industry.

Itchefs&Co aims at that by promoting and creating a brand that is universally recognisable as the symbol of the quality of Italian Cuisine abroad, of which by the way we chefs are the promoters. None of the official plates and the obsolete accolades of the past, given by bureaucratic or government institutions ever had any impact on the public worldwide, because no one outside (and often inside) Italy ever heard of it. If one day a plate will say that an Italian restaurant abroad has been approved by GVCI it must have a practical sense. By that time the brand itchefs-GVCI must be as popular as cocacola.
Buon lavoro.

Mario Caramella
President GVCI



Itchefs New York cell meets at Maremma



There´s nothing better than a night out with some nice Italian friends ... Well, if you belong to the GVCI your dream comes true because all over the world there are members of this great group that meet and chat in some of the finest Italian restaurants around the world and finally after so many e-mails and many "battibecchi" they can shake hands, share their experience and give a face to those names.

This happened to me in New York just few days a go... A great restaurant, Maremma, in the West Village, a great chef/owner Cesare Casella, and a fantastic group of old and new GVCI members; from Marcello Russodivito to Sandro Falbo, from vintners Giovanni Gagliardo to Enrico Bazzoni and then Andrea Borio and Paola. We dined and shared nice little gifts from Marcello's book to Giovanni’s silver mask pin. Cesare, as always, was a great host, and I had a blast. What a nice feeling knowing that where ever you go from Africa to Thailand, from Finland to Argentina there is a small Italian world smiling at you ready to open its door to new GVCI friends.

Ornella Fado

The New York City based soul and the broadcaster of “Brindiamo". The only show about Italian restaurants! Each episode has fantastic tantalizing recipes created by great Italian chefs. A GVCI member from the early stage with “Brindiamo,” Ornella Fado has been able to create a show that talks about Italians to all the other many ethnic groups in America. She wants to discover ALL the finest Italian restaurants in the world, so “Brindiamo!” will become the only visual encyclopaedia of Italians around the world.

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